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Rowing under Covid -
as from 25 September 21
From 25th September 2021 the club rules have been amended to take into account changes in requirements.

Land training can take place for all squads in the ergo room, weights room and training area. A number of members regularly carry out lateral flow tests, and you are encouraged to do this. However, if you display symptoms of covid-19 or have tested positive or are awaiting a PCR test result, do not attend the club and self-isolate as required. Government Guidance can be accessed at

There are no longer limitations on the numbers that may train indoors, but we ask that:
  • exercise stations, including ergos and exercise bikes are 1m apart and coaches plan sessions with this in mind.
  • to increase air flow, open doors and windows to training areas
  • extractor fans in the weights room are turned on (and turned off after training)
  • members clean equipment after use with the materials provided. This includes gym mats, ergos, bikes and weights equipment

When training on the river members must:
  • clean boats, inside and out, and blades after use, prior to returning equipment to the racking after each session
  • not gather in large groups in the boat bays
  • use visors or other face coverings when coxing stern loading boats and clean cox box microphones after use

The club changing rooms and toilets are in use but we urge members:
  • not to gather in large groups and to remain 1m apart in the changing rooms (the changing rooms are not large)
  • To help in this, where you can, leave your kit bag in the boot of your car until you need it, and change and shower at home.
  • Please remember, to close the changing room doors as you leave so that they are secure. We advise that valuables are left in your locker or your car.

Face masks are not required outside and are not mandatory inside the club. We do, however, advise that you do wear a mask where keeping your distance is not possible or in crowded areas. If individuals wish to wear a face mask whilst inside the building and around others, please respect their right to do so.

Track and trace QR codes are available should you wish to use them, records of crews for squad sessions and Google signup sheets remain in place in case we need to notify members that they were in close contact with another member who has tested positive for Covid.

The club has fixed times for squad outdoor training (mainly rowing) as in the very colourful timetables below (to follow).

This statement issued 26-09-21
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Weekend Schedule
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Club contacts in case of rowing incidents
Water Safety Adviser - Colin Percy - 07985  003304 
Captain - Tom Campbell - 07378 168499
Chair of Mgt Cttee - David Robinson - 07519  834958  
Emergency response to rowing incidents

For all life-threatening or serious incidents at the club or on the water:
Ring 999 - police, fire, ambulance or coastguard
Boathouse address:
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Water Row, Newburn,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NL
If asked for directions, emphasise the club is on the north bank of the river, just along from Newburn Bridge and the Boathouse PH.
After dialling 999 and when confident help is on the way, contact an official of the rowing club as indicated just above.

For less serious incidents that still require club assistance contact a club officer as above
Last updated on 11 November 2021
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