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Rutherford Head - 3 December 2022

The competition in 2022

This year we hope the weather is kinder than in 2021 (see below). Planning is well underway as at mid-September and a poster should be out by early-to-mid October. We think that the format of the competition as a whole and the individual events will be very similar to those last time. 

What happened (or not) in 2021

Rutherford Head in November 2021 was cancelled due to poor weather (Storm Arwen!), but we were able to reorganise and run Rutherford Head 21-in-22 in February 2022 in place of Tyne Head. We hope our December 2022 version of Rutherford Head works better weather-wise.

A link to the Rutherford Head 21-in-22 archive page as a guide as to what we usually offer is here. The poster for 21-in- 22 is still available below.

Poster page 1 - click for large jpg
Poster page 2 - click for large jpg
Archive web pages for previous four Rutherford Heads

* Link to 21-in-22 competition archive

* Link to 2021 competition archive (cancelled due to weather, but see 21-in-22)

* Link to 2020 competition archive (planned then cancelled due to Covid)

* Link to 2019 competition archive (it ran)

Joint Competition Secretary: Lyn Goldsmith & Colin Percy at

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