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Tyne Head - Saturday 11 February 2023
Div 1 & 2 results out now

Results for Divs 1 & 2 are downloadable below.

 Downloads for 2023 - pre race docs

As issued 10-02-23 - changes for five crews only 
Issued 15-01-23 & amended slightly 24-01-23 
Re-Issued 01-02-23 with very minor changes 
As issued 10-02-23 
Issued 01-02-23 
Tyne Head in recent years

Tyne Head was cancelled in 2019 and in 2020 due to bad weather and again in 2021 due to Covid (though a virtual Tyne Head 2021 was held a little later). In 2022 the weather was OK and there were no serious Covid restrictions but the date was taken over by Rutherford Head 21-in-22 (carried over from its own weather related cancellation in November 21). So technically, Tyne Head was again cancelled in 2022.

Links to past Tyne Head pages

* Tyne Head 2021 (cancelled) - archive page
* Tyne Head 2021 virtual (it ran) - archive page
* Tyne Head 2020 (cancelled) - archive page
* Div1 and Div 2 results from 2019

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